The Amazing Spider-Man

This touch profiles can be used also in devices with the same screen size and form factor. The Orientation field depends on the orientation of your device relative to the landscape or portrait default orientation.
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The Amazing Spider-Man

Postby zulu99 » Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:56 am

The Amazing Spider-Man ... .GloftAMHM

Some tricks on the touch profiles:
I made only the first initial general scheme of the touch profile with the app "Touch Profile Creator" and with the screen shot of the game.
After, for fine tuning, i open as text file the generated xml file with the app Es file explorer and while playing the game, make the appropriate adjustments.
The numbers that you see in the xml file, are simply the pixel coordinates or the distance always expressed in pixels. The fine tuning is very easy and intuitive, and also the game more difficult, will become a breeze.
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