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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

Postby Lenana » Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:57 pm

zulu99 wrote:the 1.10 firmware work on all shield tv models.

on 2017 models you need the custom DTB file as explained in first post. otherwise you can't run firmwares not signed by Nvidia and you can't write system partition also if you root with magisk the original Android TV firmware.

this has already been written millions of times, but I still see stupid messages around.

If you are a NOOB, you can stay also on Android TV because also on Android TV DroidMote is mandatory for the best interaction with the shield tv.

Again, if you are not able to install this firmware on shield tv, but you still want a more versatile Android UI than Android TV, today you have many alternatives. Android X86 or FydeOS (chrome os ) on usb 3, you can connect your phone or tablet to monitor via hdmi, or you can also buy a windows or linux box. Also on windows and linux boxes the Android gaming is not a problem today.

To better understand and to stay updated, take a look to my last videos on youtube. DroidMote Channel

My config today is this:

I use mainly windows and linux boxes to watch movies and listen songs. live tv and everything internet can offer for my eyes and ears.

For gaming, apart windows and linux native games, when i want play android games i connect shield tv or my phone to an usb 3 hdmi video capture device. In this way the screen of shield tv or of my phone, is replicated on windows or linux without lag. With DroidMote i emulate all input devices that i need.

i use this device:
https://www.amazon.com/MiraBox-Loop-Out ... 07C6KCBYB/

One thing is sure, in the 2019 Shield TV is not more the KING. it was in the past. Also Chinese Android boxes today have more recent version of Android ( PIE for example ) and some are also treble enabled, so you can install GSI firmwares. GSI firmwares are Original Android made by Google that you can install on treble enabled devices removing the shit made by the manufacturer.

The Shield TV hardware is very good also today, but unfortunately the software is very old. Nvidia try to patch this old software, but patch after patch the shield was completely ruined. Nvidia add many modifications to the Android core that very often create problems to the OS. This is also the reason why Nvidia can't update to more recent versions of Android, because can't port so easy his shit.

I am probably going to get roasted for this, but @zulu99 there is no need to be rude and call members of community 'NOOB' or refer