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DroidMote Server on NoxPlayer

Postby zulu99 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:33 am

The last NoxPlayer Android Emulator version, have network bridge mode configuration that permit to expose the ip address of the emulator in your LAN. With this config, you don't have problem to reach DroidMote Server because it listen on a real ip address reachable from all devices in your LAN.

On some PC, the network bridge mode not work or on some configs you can't use it. Therefore the only alternative is to enable the default NAT config.
In NAT mode the emulator have a private ip address that can't be reached from devices in your LAN. The only PC that reach this ip address is the PC where the emulator is running.

In NAT mode, by default, you can't reach DroidMote Sever from your Phone, but you can use the following bat file to forward the DroidMote Server port to the host PC.

In NAT mode, start the emulator, start DroidMote Server and execute the script below to expose DroidMote Server.

Download the script here:
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