create a profile seem of by 90 degrees

Sharing of touch profiles for games and apps according to screen resolution
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create a profile seem of by 90 degrees

Postby acem77 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:36 am

hardware that hosts the game.
wm8850 update 4.1 craig cvd601 tv hdmi stick

controlling it an lg trill

i created a test profile for shadowgun. when i tested it the buttons seem to be off by 90 degrees,
when i manually check the x an y value with the debug option for x+z location they match the xml values.
can i correct this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<screen-size x="1280" y="720" orientation="0"></screen-size>
<left-stick x="338" y="546" radius="0" mode="normal" sensitivity="0" deadzone="1"></left-stick>
<right-stick x="877" y="350" radius="0" mode="normal" sensitivity="0" deadzone="1"></right-stick>
<button-x x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-x>
<button-b x="1014" y="403" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-b>
<button-circle x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-circle>
<button-y x="255" y="55" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-y>
<button-triangle x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-triangle>
<button-z x="996" y="55" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-z>
<button-square x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-square>
<button-a x="1080" y="504" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></button-a>
<arrow-up x="925" y="537" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-up>
<arrow-down x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-down>
<arrow-left x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-left>
<arrow-right x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-right>
<arrow-nw x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-nw>
<arrow-ne x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-ne>
<arrow-sw x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-sw>
<arrow-se x="0" y="0" swipe="none" sw-distance="0"></arrow-se>

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Re: create a profile seem of by 90 degrees

Postby zulu99 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:06 am

Shadowgun don't need a touch profile. It support external controller and can be played with DroidMote in default controller simulation mode.

As generic response on touch profile, you can change the orientation field in 0 +90 and -90

Generally for tablet and android box the orientation is 0

Phone and mini tablet orientation +90

I refer to device with DroidMote Server inside logically.
Developer of DroidMote Server and DroidMote Client. Read the Quick Start Guides and then I'll be happy to help.
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