Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Customizing and remapping of the default key, buttons and axis of DroidMote Server for Android, usefull for Android Games with Gamepad Support
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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Postby zulu99 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:20 pm

With Modern Combat 4 i suggest to use an hardware controller attached to your phone for a better gameplay.
You don't need configuration if you use an hardware controller.

Instead if you want try the soft controller of DroidMote Client, for this game you must customize the server keylayout to swap L1 button and ThumbL button. Otherwise you can not aim and shoot at the same time.

In attachment the mc4.kl
Download this file
Open DroidMote Server settings
Click on "change keylayout"
Select mc4.kl
Disconnect and connect the client
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