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Re: [ROM][AOSP][Full Android Oreo 8.0 for Nexus Player][v.1.0]

Postby Diesel » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:54 am

Hi all, first post.
I'm quite the noob when it comes to this stuff but I can follow directions and am not scared to mess up.
Zulu, thank you and we love your work. I had your 7.1.1 build and it was great till I screwed ît up ;p
Was going to reflash then found your 7.1.2, then found the 8.0? Yeah !!!!

Well here for my finds :
Does not like being connected to the lan (wired) and WiFi "on" at the same time. (wired is for the data and want to use WiFi for casting pictures and videos from our phones. The player is quite the distance from the modem.)
The black bars at the right and bottom of the screen in n*****x and k**I "didn't know if I was aloud to name them so I went the safe way) are there and I tried many launchers with gestures to get full screen and hide the hardware buttons (is that what they are called?), tried a bunch of different apps, root and not, nothing worked. The only thing that works is the way you said with the build.prop file. But it renders the system super laggy and utterly useless so I have to stick with the black bars :)
It keep on trying to do à system update, even though it's unchecked and keeps on spamming notifications.
Also when the build.prop file is modded the system is very laggy as I previously mentioned, even droidmote losses connection with my 10" galaxy tab-A.

Any suggestions on trying to fix these hic-ups would be greatly appreciated.

If I were to re-flash the firmware directly over the OS as it stands at the present, would I lose the installed software and settings that are currently applied?
Obviously, I also downloaded the current apk for the Chromecast as was suggested by {Jamey} but have not tested it due to current circumstances.

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated and results diligently reported.

Thank you.

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