Play normal and touch games with an hardware controller

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Play normal and touch games with an hardware controller

Postby zulu99 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:44 am

When an hardware controller is compatible with your phone, you can use DroidMote to share the hardware controller to other devices.
The controller is connected to the phone but control another device on which is installed DroidMote Server.

This functionality is very useful, for example, to play games with controller support on Chrome OS when your hardware controller is not compatible with Chrome OS or when you want play touch games with an hardware controller on Chrome OS.

For example, to make the Nvidia Shield Controller compatible with your Android phone, you can follow this guide:

Now you can connect the Shield Controller via bluetooth to your phone.
Connect DroidMote Client on your phone to DroidMote Server on Chrome OS
The hardware controller will be shared with Chrome OS with the correct keylayoyt.

In this way you can play Android games that have controller support or touch games with the droidmote touch profiles.

With a long press on the droidmote keyboard, you can enable the droidmoteIME.
When droidmoteIME is enabled, you can also put the droidmote Client in background. In this way you can use other functionalities on your phone while the hardware controller will be shared to Chrome OS.

This configuration is valid also for others OSes. Windows, Linux, Android Emulators etc.

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