new user in need of help

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new user in need of help

Postby michaelchen » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:10 am

posted yesyerdy and my post did not appier on the forum. why?
posting again.
trying for the first time to use the server+client on beelink gt1 ultimate set top box
have checked for the droidmote files in dev.
having problems with playing fifa 16 UT with my gen game s3 gamepad.
on settings of the client selected the generic 1920.xml and checked the mousetouch
when i start the game i get the first screen (after messi) and asked to tap to continue
i pres the A button on the gamepad and the next menu comes on where i need to state my age
i can see on the TV the red pointer and when i press on the remote (LG g3) i see a little sircul near the red pointer, but it has no effect on the game.
can u plz help.
the mousetoch does work on other game i DL from the store, CSR2(car racing), do not understand.

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Re: new user in need of help

Postby zulu99 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:40 am

before test any game, make sure that the Touch Mouse is working on the firmware of your BOX.

Select a generic 1920x1080 touch profile and enable Touch Mouse, with the hardware controller you should be able to move the red cursor and click on icons of the Android launcher.

The 1920x1080 touch profile, work if the screen resolution of your tv box is 1920x1080 otherwise you will have click in others positions.

Take a screenshot of the UI and check the resolution of the resulting png file to make sure that your resolution is really 1920x1080

What i exaplained work on all normal Android firmwares, but some Chinese manufacturers make changes that are not compliant with Android AOSP.
If this is the case, your firmware can be not compatible with the Touch Mouse. The solution is to find an alternative firmware for your BOX without bad customizations of the manufacturer.

Many Chinese boxes, have firmwares that are interchangeable beween different models, therefore is not hard find a firmware for another model with the same SOC that work well also on your BOX.

To trust my words, you can test the Server on another certified by Google Android device, also on a phone, to see how the touch mouse should work.

In your case, since the touch mouse work on others games, should be only a fifa 16 specific problem.
This is my test of Fifa 16 some time ago
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