Nvidia Shield Controller Bluetooth Keylayout

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Nvidia Shield Controller Bluetooth Keylayout

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You can make the Nvidia Shield Controller Bluetooth model compatible with any android device by installing the correct keylayout files below.

Download the Vendor_0955_Product_7214 .rar from here http://bit.ly/2Rrm6dW

Extract the Vendor_0955_Product_7214.idc and Vendor_0955_Product_7214.kl files and copy:

Vendor_0955_Product_7214.kl in the /data/system/devices/keylayout

Vendor_0955_Product_7214.idc in the /data/system/devices/idc

When the hardware controller is compatible with your phone, you can use DroidMote to share the hardware controller to other devices.
The controller is connected to the phone but control another device on which is installed DroidMote Server.
This functionality is very useful, for example, to play games on Chrome OS when your hardware controller is not compatible with Chrome OS or when you want play touch games with an hardware controller on OSes that don't permit the droidmoteIME.
Developer of DroidMote Server and DroidMote Client. Read the Quick Start Guides and then I'll be happy to help.
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