Remote play PS4 on Shield TV

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Remote play PS4 on Shield TV

Postby further611 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:30 am

Hello there,
First of, thanks for what you did with Nvidia Shield Tv. Your work is amazing, i bought all of 3 of your apps and now i'm sure that it's great decision that i made and with your guide follow to play Pubg Mobile on Nvidia Shield, it working really good on it with 8.0 Oreo and controlled by LG G4 (rooted) with Nvidia shield controller 2017.
Secondly, i have few small questions about your apps:
1. Can i use another controller to controll it? Like the Ps4 controller? Because the chance of failed thumb stick on Shiled controller 2017 so i need some backup.
2. Secondly [this more important] at PS4 REMOTE PLAY APP, when control using nvidia controller, the left thumb stick both left and right is not moving to the max erea, that's why it hard to control. Playing with Pubg Mobile it's working very well with your profile. I created for my self the profile of Remote Play app but not good enough, i guess. What i asked that you can make Profile for this app - REMOTE PLAY?

Thanks in advance,
Tien Tran.
Again your work is amazing!!! ^^

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