Is there a editable Config File?

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Is there a editable Config File?

Postby Stevefox » Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:50 pm

I have both server and client running fine between my TV box and my phone but would like to run the client on my watch but although it installs and boots up fine and the main controls are accessible, I cannot access the settings menu because it's cut off by the round Display of my watch!

I have searched high and low on both the watch and on my phone for client files and it looks like they are hidden.
I have ways of exposing hidden install files and I will have to remember how I did it last time but even when I do expose them it may be that they don't have a Config fe I can edit and so I'm asking here if anyone knows how to get things working.

My main problem with not being able to access the settings menu is that I cannot set the password, when I set up the server, there where dots in the password field which I had to delete and replaced with my password, I can't remember if the client was the same, do they both come with a default password set and could I just un install and reinstall both the client and server and leave that alone to get my watch working?

Security is not really a concern as you have to be on my network anyway so if there is a default password I'd be happy with that as a solution but if there is any other workarounds like editing a Config File and planting it on my watch then happy days :)

If I can't get this working on my watch, its still a blinding application which works very well from my phone (and soon tablet too) but it would be so cool to get my watch working :)

Thanks, Steve.

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Re: Is there a editable Config File?

Postby zulu99 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:48 am

droidmote client was not made to run on whatch.

anyway if you have root permissions you can change manually the config file of droidmote client inside the foder /data/data/org.videomap.droidmoteclient/shared_prefs/org.videomap.droidmoteclient_preferences.xml
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