Google Play Services Stops working On Client connecting

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Google Play Services Stops working On Client connecting

Postby Tihvin » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:56 pm

Google Play Services Stops working On Client connecting appears on the screen and prevents the use of the program.Trouble On Client connecting

At time of connection to server there is a table with the inscription "Google Play Services Stops working" on the TV screen and prevents the use of the program. After pressing "Ok" to close it the table appears again and again after every 2-3 seconds. If DroidMote Client disconnect - everything returns to normall.
All updates are installed from google. Bought latest version of Droidmote server. Devices i use - smartphone OnePlus Two and Android Tvbox M8S+ (android 5.1)
Any ideas?

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Re: Google Play Services Stops working On Client connecting

Postby zulu99 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:12 am

Many Chinese android tv box, are not google certified devices, this mean that google play services are added from the manufacturer without google approval.

your android tv box have a bad implementation of google play services, but i remember that a firmware update solved the problem.

if i remember well on the Tronsmart website was published a firmware that solve google play service crash. (many amlogic, rockchip devices have the same firmware also if the model is different. some times only wifi drivers are different.)

In some android tv box models with this problem, if i remember well, the problem happen also if you connect an hardware mouse.

a firmware update with good google play service inside solve. some droidmote users already solved in this way. i supported via email.

to trust my words, you can try the server on your original android device and see that the problem not happen. But not worry, first or after the chinese manufacurer will update the firmware or you can use a better custom firmware from community.

To solve you should replace the bad version from system folder. Delete completly the bad version from system folder and replace with a good version from ( use the same name for the apk and don't forget right file permissions )
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