A Note about Xpadder and Droidmote on Windows

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A Note about Xpadder and Droidmote on Windows

Post by sonickblast »

I figure I can save a couple people trouble with these two working together. I have tested this on vista and 7.

Long story short open Droidmote server BEFORE Xpadder if you plan to use these together.

I planned to use Droidmote and Xpadder together to have an easy joystick for Minecraft.

I've found that having Xpadder(I'm using the windows 7 compatible version) open before i start the Droidmote server, causes the server to give the
"Driver not found" error as if the drivers weren't installed.

For two days i couldn't figure out why the drivers weren't working even after installing/uninstalling multiple times.
Then Xpadder started to react to the driver acting like the one or both of the sticks were pointing one direction constantly.
(Xpadder always seems to think there are more than one instance of the controller this effect only seemed to happen to every other one except the first one)
Then I closed Xpadder out and went to take a break from the problem, a while later i decided to try again and it worked i was able to connect and use the mouse mode.
I proceeded to restart Xpadder(since i forgot i closed it) afterward to set it up and it worked fine from then on until i restarted the computer.
It only took me a few times of this to figure it was Xpadder that somehow stops the server reaching the driver unless you start the server first.
(I had Xpadder set to start with windows)
I now can use Droidmote just fine for my games or as a mouse-pad.
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Re: A Note about Xpadder and Droidmote on Windows

Post by merilyrodman »

You don't need to worry about things. I was also suffered from the same problem at the same time. Someone suggest me to update Xpadder with version 5.7. I found xpadder is paid from the official website. When I surf more then I found xpadder latest version free of cost at xpadder.net