Change key mappings on Windows server

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Change key mappings on Windows server

Postby lordasgart » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:47 pm

Is it possbile to change the key mappings on the Windows server too?
There are only 3 files (exe bat and a dll) im my "droidmote-win-server" folder and no droidmote.kl or something similar

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Re: Change key mappings on Windows server

Postby zulu99 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:55 pm

In windows customizations are different. What is equal to Android are only the touch profiles.

To write well with software keyboard of DroidMote Client you must have on Windows side the US /English keyboard. (in this mode also special characters work)

But as on Android also in Windows if you want write non latin character or same specific language character, you can use the on-screen software keyboard in Windows.
Infact when you install DroidMote Server on Windows, also the on-screen software keyboard of Windows is enabled automatically.

For customizations in Windows, you can use many tools, (internet is full of this).

Two usefull tools are JoytoKey and x360ce (the last is included in the zip installation).

With JoytoKey, you can assign to the DroidMote gamepad all actions that you want (keyboard characters, mouse movements and others)

With x360ce and relative dll you can customize the gamepad to simulate a real xbox 360 controller (this is usefull for games that support only xbox controller).

I do not have specific needs for special characters, but for sure in internet you can find many tools that change the defaul key mapping.
For example you type a character on DroidMote Client keyboard and in Windows you can perform another letter (also not latin characters)

Not forget that you can also dictate with your voice if you have a microphone on windows. (not useful for me, i not like the dictation)
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