Generic / Menu Touch Profile

This touch profiles can be used also in devices with the same screen size and form factor. The Orientation field depends on the orientation of your device relative to the landscape or portrait default orientation.
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Generic / Menu Touch Profile

Postby zulu99 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:34 pm

This is a special touch profile, created for same games that not support an external hardware mouse or an external hardware touchpad on menu buttons.
As a rule, with games developed well, even if it only supports touch actions, and not an external gamepad, you can still click on the menu buttons with the mouse, and so there are no problems.

This is a little trick to overcome this problem for games that in my opinion are not designed well: (the 90% of android games not have this problem)

In the device with DroidMote Server installed go in Settings / Developer options / and check "Show touches"
In the device with DroidMote Client installed load the touch profile below.
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