X360 controller via 360ce

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X360 controller via 360ce

Post by jekaufo »

i really cant understand how to config x360ce to droidmote work 100% properly
my dpad buttons work fine, but others not.
if u can, pls make a video how to do it. (tes 4 example:))
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Re: X360 controller via 360ce

Post by zulu99 »

Watch the last part of this video. You can map droidmote buttons to which button you want.
You have in x360ce also the record button to select automatically the button that you press in the client.
If you are using the droidmote soft gamepad not forget to check "Arrows to buttons" in droidmote client settings to change the default behaviour of buttons around the left stick from directional buttons to real controller buttons.

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