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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

Postby Krissy » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:04 pm

Hi Guys,

I got a new NVIDIA tv the other day and I thought I'd root it and setup TWRP, then I saw this incredible looking piece of work by Zulu99 and now I'm really bent out of shape because while doing everything I was doing NVIDIA jumped in and updated me to 7.2.3, which I really didn't want. I'd like to use what Zulu has put together but I need to get back to stock and I'm assuming back to 7.2.2. Before I really mess up, can someone confirm that I need full stock and if so it there a tutorial or guide you recommend. When I saw Zulu99 post about basically "HAVING IT ALL" I can't let go of wanting to try it. Biggest reason is I despise not being able to use the Full Google Store. I've got a ton of paid apps and can't get to them with NVIDIA Android TV. Anyway all help and advice is appreciated especially if Mr. Zulu99 has time to throw a bit of love my way.

Thanks all,

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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

Postby fredphoesh » Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:57 pm

Hello peeps,

I have caused some problems I cannot fix>
problems are that
1/ the box reboots if I try to uninstall any app
2/ the second usb does not work

When I was flashing and finally tried to enter the fastboot -w command, it failed. Could this be the issue?

The problems may have been caused by:
1/ I flashed tegra210-darcy-p2894-0050-a04-00.dtb by mistake. I have the 2015 16gb version.
2/ my box was on 7.2.3, not 7.2.2 when I flashed. Subsequently I downloaded and flashed 7.2.2 from Nvidia, then reflashed this Oreo v1.10 rom but it still isn't working properly.

Help please!

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