[ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

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Any plans for Pie update on Shield tv?
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

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Hello everyone.
"Not related this topic because i can't find any help"
I have shield tv 2017 16GB, i flash old fw and my shield tv has brick, then i desolder eMMC but i damage it. Anyone can help me dump all partition of shield? (i have been order new eMMC, i have Easy Jtag).
Thank all. sorry my english
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

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HI Zulu, how can I change the version detected by the apps?...I guess I have to change build.prop
The app that I mention is for Android TV and when dectects that is "regular" Android it says that I have to download another verion from Store.
How can I change and what do I have to put so simulate that I am using Android TV?
Many thanks!
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

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You can use yalp store and select built in account that uses Nvidia shield TV. It fakes playstore to think you have android TV. I use it when I want to Install android TV versions.
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

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I'm testing this VMware Android X86 hardware accelarated images.

The good is that you can run it in Windows with one click installation, you can play games and test my stuff.
The vmware images require by default 4GB ram, but you can decrease the value in the vmware settings.


Android OREO VMware image hardware accelerated

Android PIE VMware image hardware accelerated


Don't forget that for specific DroidMote support, only for DroidMote stuff, i'm also on Telegram

AnTuTu Benchmark on my PC 907910

Developer of DroidMote Server and DroidMote Client. Read the Quick Start Guides and then I'll be happy to help.
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

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Is there anyway to enroll this v1.10 image with a MDM provider? I tried using the 'Settings > Google (services & preferences) > Set up your work profile' setup but after entering the enrollment code, a message pops up saying "Your System cannot be managed by this app. Please contact your administrator." I've also tried installing TestDPC and it errors out with "Device provisioning not enabled."

I'm guessing this is because the device owner is pre-set in the image, but is there anyway I can get around this?
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

Post by Mattkilla »

I am having trouble updating the Nvidia Gamepad or Controller to the latest firmware after upgrading to Full Android Oreo. I checked the how to post after the original post and didn't see any extra instructions for getting these updated. Is there a special way to update the firmware or am I doing something wrong?
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

Post by Krissy »

This looks like exactly what I'm looking for to put on my new Nvidia Shield 2017, the problem is when I loaded it I have stock Oreo from Nvidia 7.2.3 so now what do I do??? I can't use the instructions unless I attempt a downgrade, but that usually not workable. Here's where I am, I rooted the box and it works fine but I'd rather have your rom on it, can you explain to me how I can do this, btw when I put Magisk on the box I used your modded boot img and it worked great. Is there any chance I could just Shield TV 16GB 2017 model

fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash vendor vendor.img
fastboot flash boot magisk_boot_darcy_7.2.2-v1.img
fastboot flash dtb tegra210-darcy-p2894-0050-a04-00.dtb
fastboot -w
fastboot reboot

And it might work??? Problem is all your instructions are based off 7.2.2 and when you get a new box from Nvidia you don't have any options but to take the upgrade to 7.2.3

Any advice would be appreciated
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

Post by Otisrhw »

freemoso wrote:Hi There

I am using Shield TV 16GB 2015 model with V.1.10 (Showing as Version 8.0.0)

Over the last few days I am unable to use Netflix completely, I can open it fine, as soon as i start watching a show it Crashes

Anyone else had similar problems? Did you manage to fix it?

I guess without an update to Android I am unable to install a newer version of Netflix from the PlayStore?


You need to use magisk to hide the fact that you're rooted
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Re: [ROM][Full Android Oreo for Shield TV][v.1.10]

Post by Wanbli »

Upgraded from Full Nougat, everything works great except ethernet. I have no connection on ethernet with wifi off and ethernet enabled. Switch shows connected w/gigabit speed, but no throughput. Wifi works, but won't play 4k content. Please help...