Shield Controller

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Shield Controller

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is there anybody that can give me a step by step tutorial on how to set up an nvidia shield controller using droidmote to best play PUBG with? im sick of viewing youtube videos that confuse the situatian further!!!
email support here is non existant!!! what am I paying for??? any help would be gratefully appreciated!!!

Thank you
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Re: Shield Controller

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Generally, to play with DroidMote + Hardware Controller, you can install the client and the server on the same android device.

When the Client is installed, you must enable in Android keyboard settings the droidmoteIME

If droidmoteIME is enabled, when you move the stick of your hardware controller, the client automatically connect to the local droidmote server and you will see that you can control the mouse with the right stick of your hardware controller.

Now you have all set.

To play a multi touch game, you must load the touch profile for this game and enable gamepad2touch.
Therefore, on the hardware controller, click ThumL to select the downloaded touch profile and ThumbR to select gamepad2touch mode.
Press START / PLAY to disable mouse mode. ( you can press START again every time you need the mouse or change droidmote settings )


When you use the droidmoteIME, you can control the Mouse or the Touch Mouse with the right stick of your hardware controller and click with the Left Trigger. You can control every app and game with your controller and write with your voice on any app.

To switch between mouse mode and normal mode, you can press the START / PLAY button of your hardware controller.

ATTENTION: You must disable mouse mode to use all mapped buttons in the game, otherwise, when you are in mouse mode, some buttons are used for the follow actions.

When you are in mouse mode:

R1: switch between Mouse and Touch Mouse

ThumbR: switch between Gamepad2Touch and normal controller mode

ThumbL: select differents Touch Profiles

X: open voice dictation to write with your voice on every app

Y: delete text

A: act as Enter key


In new official Shield Android TV updates, from 7.2.X, Nvidia to have advantages over concurrents, have disabled some android functionalities related to the custom IMEs. On this stripped down Android versions, you can't connect the hardware controller directly to Shield TV to play multi touch games with droidmote, because the IMEs, therefore also the droidmoteIME, are not full working. ( made on purpose by Nvidia and re-enabled by me on full Android for Shield TV )

If you are on Android TV Oreo > 7.2.X, you can connect the hardware controller to your phone via bluetooth, install droidmote client and enable drodmoteIME on Phone. Connect the Client to the Server that is installed on Shield TV. All others parts are equals.

Like in this video:
Developer of DroidMote Server and DroidMote Client. Read the Quick Start Guides and then I'll be happy to help.
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