DroidMote Server is the receiver of DroidMote Client and require Root permissions to work. The Client instead does not require root permissions.

With these Free Servers, you can control Android, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS for free by watching a rewarded video ADS in DroidMote Client. You can remove the video ADS with a single in-app purchase in DroidMote Client.

For any question, contact me in Telegram through the link below.

video tutorials

DroidMote Server for Android

download   version 4.1.5

DroidMote Client

download   version 5.6.9

DroidMote Server for Windows
    Controller emulation with drivers installation
download   version 3.1.3

DroidMote Server Lite for Windows
    For Windows 10 only and without drivers installation
download   version 3.1.4

DroidMote Keylayout for Windows

download   version 1.1

DroidMote Server compatible with Windows XP

download   version 3.0.2

DroidMote Server for Linux 3.0.6

Installation script for Chrome OS
curl -Ls | sudo sh

Installation script for Debian / Ubuntu / Osmc
curl -Ls | sudo sh

Copy and paste the script in terminal to install.
After the installation the server will start automatically at boot.
To update, run again the script.

KMRedirect for Android
    Android Games with Mouse and Keyboard
download   version 1.1.7

KMRedirect for Windows
    Android Games with Mouse and Keyboard of Windows PC
download   version 1.1.7

KMRedirect for Linux
    Android Games with Mouse and Keyboard of Linux PC
download   version 1.1.7

Touch Profile Creator
    To create touch profiles for DroidMote Client
download   download from Google Play

  • Most used Touch Profiles for TouchMouse

  • Server screen 1920x1080 orientation 0
    Eg. Hdmi stick or Tv Box with screen 1920x1080

    Server screen 1920x1080 orientation +90
    Eg. Phone rotated in landscape

    Server screen 2048x1536 orientation 0
    Eg. Tablet in default landscape orientation

    Server screen 2560x1440 orientation +90
    Eg. Phone rotated in landscape

    The orientation is the rotation from the default position to put the device in landscape. Generally, the orientation for Android TV boxes and large tablets is 0 for phones +90 or -90

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