With this Free Servers, you can control Android, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS for free by watching a rewarded video ADS. You can remove the video ADS with a single in-app purchase in DroidMote Client

  • DroidMote Server for Android
  • version 4.0.7

    If your anti-virus warn a virus detection when you start the server, don't worry, is just a fake warn. DroidMote Server is super safe and on it I put my face and my reputation of developer from many years.

  • DroidMote Server for Windows
  • version 3.1.3

  • DroidMote Server Lite for Windows
  • version 3.1.3    Fow Windows 10 only and without drivers installation

  • DroidMote Keylayout for Windows
  • version 1.1

  • Last DroidMote Server compatible with Windows XP
  • version 3.0.2

    DroidMote Server for Linux 3.0.6

  • Installation script for Chrome OS
  • curl -Ls https://www.videomap.it/script/install_droidmote_chromeos.sh | sudo sh

  • Installation script for Debian / Ubuntu / Osmc
  • curl -Ls https://www.videomap.it/script/install_droidmote_ubuntu.sh | sudo sh

    Copy and paste the script in terminal to install.
    After the installation the server will start automatically at boot.
    To update, run again the script.

  • Touch Profile Creator for Windows
  • version 1.0.6

  • Most-used TouchProfiles for TouchMouse
  • Server screen 1280x720 orientation 0
    Eg. Hdmi stick or Tv Box with screen 1280x720

    Server screen 1280x720 orientation +90
    Eg. SmartPhone rotated in landscape

    Server screen 1920x1080 orientation 0
    Eg. Hdmi stick or Tv Box with screen 1920x1080

    Server screen 1920x1080 orientation +90
    Eg. Phone rotated in landscape

    Server screen 1200x1920 orientation 0
    Eg. Nexus 7 in default portrait mode

    Server screen 1920x1200 orientation +90
    Eg. Nexus 7 rotated in landscape

    Server screen 2048x1536 orientation 0
    Eg. Tablet in default landscape orientation

    Server screen 2560x1440 orientation +90
    Eg. Phone rotated in landscape

    The orientation is the rotation from the default position to put the device in landscape. Generally, the orientation for Android TV boxes and large tablets is 0 for phones +90 or -90