DroidMote Server Quick Start Guide

The requirements of DroidMote Server are:

- root permissions

- uinput module in the kernel

Please, read before you buy.

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If you have the prerequisites this app can work very well. With DroidMote you can control Android TV like a charm but also multi touch apps and games. Android TV or full Android on TV, with DroidMote you don't have limits.

For an awesome experience you need a good Client device with a sensitive touch screen and a good wifi connection on both Client and Server devices. In case your wifi network connection is poor, you can use the ethernet port of your Server device. By default DroidMote don't have noticeable lags, if you experience lags, check your network connections or try with another Client device. Also an old Galaxy S1 is good to have an experience like in those videos:
Apps and Games on TV with DroidMote.

If by mistake you have downloaded the app without having the requirements, you can contact the developer via email 24 / 7 for support, refund and suggestions. We are at your full disposal. Don't forget that you have 2 hours for automatic refund but you need only 3 minutes to understand that DroidMote Server work well on your device.

After an update, if you have problem with DroidMote Server, completely uninstall the app, reboot your device and reinstall again the latest version from Google Play and grant root permissions at first start.

Our motto is: "Satisfaction or Your Money Back"

Requirements Check:

Make sure you have the last Client and Server versions installed from Google Play.

Make sure you have Root permissions. If you have concerns about it, check with the app Root Checker from Google Play.

To be sure that your device have the uinput module loaded in the kernel check with root permissions in terminal emulator if you have the file /dev/uinput

The vast majority of Android devices already have this module included.

Obtain the prerequisites is your task, the DroidMote developers are not obliged to solve problems concerning the prerequisites or to provide guides to get them.

Only now you can install DroidMote Server

First Installation:

Grant the root permissions at first start and press the red button to start the server.

Read the ip that you see when the button became green, this will be typed in the DroidMote Client.

In DroidMote Server settings, accessible via menu button, you can select the option "Startup on Boot". From this moment the server start automatically when the device starts.

To change the Keyboard language to Russian, Arabic or Greek, go to DroidMote Server Settings, click "Change keyboard language" and select from the list your preferred language. Disconnect and reconnect the Client to apply changes.

License Problems:

Make sure that you are connected to the Internet the first time you start the application.

When you buy an app from Google Play, Google assign to your google account a license for this app, and you can use it in every device when you use the licensed google account.

The license is assigned directly by the google servers and not from the developer. The app Google Play on your device, control if you have a valid license also for all other paid apps.

If the license not work, the fault is not of DroidMote Server or of other app that have inside a Google Play license, but sometimes this happen because the cached results of the Google Play app inside your device is not good.

The first thing to try is to clear the cache of Google Play app. To clear the data of the application, open "Settings" on your device, select "Apps" and click on the "Google Play Store" application. On this page, click the "Clear data" button - notice that there is a "Clear cache" button as well, making it easy to click the wrong button, therefore notice that it is the "Clear data" button you must click.

From my experience, in some android hdmi sticks, if you have a problem on license, you can adjust the date and time of your device to solve. Some of this device, have set the date back many years.

However, one thing that I want to clarify for everyone, is that the problems relating to the license, not are problems of DroidMote Server, but from other causes. In fact DroidMote Server works without problems on thousands of devices. When the software license mechanism does not work and causes are attributable to the app that contains it, does not work on any device.

Is easy to check my words, take another device with google play inside, log in with google account with which you have bought the app and observe that in that device, the license is verified without problems. This mean that your other device have some problems.

Connections Problems:

On some generic Android TV boxes, if the server is killed abnormally, you can try this: Settings -> Apps -> (Gear icon) -> Battery optimization -> Find Droidmote server -> select Don't optimize.

The error message "the server is not reachable" is not a bug of DroidMote, but indicates that you have some network problems. First thing to do is restart the router and both devices.

Make sure that the DroidMote Client and the DroidMote Server devices are on the same local network with a valid ip address of the same network class.

You can use on your phone the app Fing - Network Tools that find all ip address in your local network. With this tool you can see if the ip of the Server device is present and also measure the latency between your Client and Server device. Click on the Server ip and after on Ping. In case the time latency or packet loss is too hight, you could have lags while you using DroidMote, therefore fix your network problems.

Make sure that the DroidMote Client and the DroidMote Server apps have the same port in the settings.

The problem can be a firewall or also your router that block the connection.

If the problem persist, try also to connect the Client and the Server devices directly without a router, with the function portable hotspot of one of your device. In this mode a device became the router and the other connect directly to the first.

DroidMote in normal condition, with a good wifi drivers / good firmware don't disconnect. I tested it also after 3 hour of standby with a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S3, an old Galaxy S1, an Asus Tf101 and with many Android HDMI sticks and TV box.

Mainly the problem of disconnections may occur if your device terminates connections when it goes into standby or the wifi drivers does not handle well the active connections when the device goes into power saving mode.

With a good device you don't have this problem. It is understood that you need a sufficient wifi signal and logically signal losses cause disconnections.

If you have disconnections problems, make sure that you have right settings on your device. Settings > wifi > menu > advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always

If you experience disconnections when the display turns off, this is not normal, check the Power Options of your device and do not allow the automatic killing of all background services when display turns off.

If you lose connections for other problems, click disconnect and after connect again in DroidMote Client. The server is always listening.

If you experience Lag with the DroidMote mouse, make sure to have a sufficient wifi signal or restart your router. I suggest you to try DroidMote Server also in different device to understand that the problem is not DroidMote Server, but your device. I write this because, for example, many RK3066 Android HDMI sticks, have a defective wifi module, but with a usb to ethernet adapter you can solve your problems.

If you experience Lag with the DroidMote mouse, and you are using an external hardware input device with a wireless usb dongle adapter, try without the wireless usb dongle adapter that if not certified can create interference with your wifi.