DroidMote Client Quick Start Guide

For an awesome experience you need a good client device with a sensitive touch screen and a good wifi reception. Also an old Galaxy S1 is fine :)

Before we start I want make a recommendation to everyone. To have all functionalities of DroidMote, make sure that DroidMote Server for Android at first start, install the configurations files. You can see if in the SERVER device you have this files after you have started DroidMote Server for the first time: (valid only for the Android Server)

Read the F.A.Q. nr. 24 if you don't have this files.

[✔] Connection:

To connect DroidMote Client to DroidMote Server, you can click menu -> connect or single tap on touchpad and write the ip that you see in the DroidMote Server when it is started.

In the last versions of the client, you can also search automatically the servers active in lan with the search button in the connection dialog box.

[✔] Touchpad:

One finger move the mouse, two fingers for multitouch actions. The multitouch actions are all relative to the last mouse position.

For drag you can long press on an item and move one finger, single tap on touchpad to release.

Two finger very close to swipe up/down and left/right.

You can scroll also with the dedicated scroll button that active the mouse wheel. press the button and move one finger up/down, single tap on touchpad to disable.

In the settings (menu->settings) you can also enable the "Fast Scroll" function that i use daily. When you enable this checkbox, to activate the mouse wheel, you can long press on touchpad and move one finger up/down (when you active the fastscroll, the drag mode is activable with a second long press).

You can write on the remote device, with the android soft keyboard of your client device. To open the keyboard press the dedicated button on the touchpad.

On the stock android keyboard you can type, voice dictation and gesture typing (gesture type are supported only from stock android keyboard 4.2)

You can customize the keyboard to support many languages with the server side configurations files droidmote.kl and droidmote.kcm (in the same way that explains google, and you can use also unicode characters) The keyboard language supported by default are languages with Latin characters, Russian and Arabic. You can select your preferred language in droidmote server settings. If you want write in Chinese, in the client device you can use the english keyboard and in server device you can install the Google pinyin keyboard and from android Settings -> Language and Input select pinyin ime as default ime. In this way you can write well also in Chinese.

Volume up act as supplementary delete key, and volume down is for CTRL key, in this mode you can use also shortcut like CTRL + key

The TouchMouse mode (Setting->TouchMouse) is an hybrid input device that instead of using left and rigth mouse button, use touch action. This can be used for same android games that not support a real mouse. Infact you can click on the buttons menu of this games only with the TouchMouse. TouchMouse work only if you have selected a touch profile, because it need the remote screen size and orientation field in the touch profile.

The TouchMouse is necessary and usable only in Android. In Windows and Linux not work.

[✔] Gamepad:

The DroidMote Gamepad, work in two way.

The default mode is a real controller simulation and the second is the Gamepad2Touch mode for games that don't support external controller but only touch actions.

So with the DroidMote soft Gamepad, you can play multi-touch-only games and games that support hardware controllers.

Games with controller support:

In the default mode the soft gamepad of DroidMote simulate a real controller, so if a game supports a real controller you can already play in this mode.

The accelerometer can be used only in games that support a real controller/gamepad and can be customized with the SERVER side configuration file droidmote.kl or with a dedicated in-game menu for controller/gamepad customization (in this menu, enabling the accelerometer in the Client Settings->Enable Accelerometer, you can map the accelerometer axis, moving the phone, to some predefined game actions).

If you want use the accelerometer, but your game don't have a dedicated menu for controller/gamepad customization, look this post viewtopic.php?f=14&t=644

All keyboard keys, gamepad buttons, sticks axis and accelerometer axis, can be customized in the SERVER configuration file droidmote.kl and you can load your custom keylayout in DroidMote Server -> Settings -> Change keylayout.

If in DroidMote Client settings you select "Directional Keys to Buttons", the directional keys around the left gamepad stick, became standard gamepad buttons.

In the Gamepad Tab of DroidMote Client, the volume up /down are extra buttons for auto fire or other actions.

Games that accept only multi touch actions:

To play with a multi-touch-only game, you can create a touch profile with the free windows app "Touch Profile Creator" that you find in the download section of this forum or with Touch Profile Creator for Android.

Touch Profile Mapping

Once you have created a touch profile, the result xml file can be copied on the device with DroidMote Client inside in the main internal sdcard folder, or in Download folder, or in a special folder called droidmote (usefull if you want have all touch profiles in one place).

To play with a multi-touch-only game with the touch profile created by you, you can select it in DroidMote Client Settings. Open Settings click on Gamepad2Touch and Select touch profile.

When you are in the Gamepad Tab or in Touchpad Tab and you have an hardware controller attached (bluetooth, wired and wireless controllers incluse ps3 controller and xbox controllers), the commands of the hardware controller are forwarded to DroidMote Server.

In this way you can also play all android games with your hardware controller.

This function is usefull also if: you want play multi-touch-only games with your hardware controller with the touch profiles of DroidMote Client, you want transform your wired controller in wireless controller, your android device don't support your hardware controller.

This feature works on Android, Windows and Linux. Is implied that your hardware controller is already working on the client device, regardless DroidMote Client.

Some examples of customizations for Games

[✔] droidmoteIME:

From Android 4.3 in DroidMote Client you can have another usefull feature, the droidmoteIME.

One of the functionalities that you can do with the droidmoteIME is to run on the same android device both the client and the server via the loopback address

In this way if you don't have another android device, you can use all the touch profiles of DroidMote for play all your multitouch-only games with your preferred hardware controller.

To switch between input method editors (IME) you can long press on the keyboard icon of DroidMote Client.

The droidmoteIME open useful scenarios also when you want play Windows games on your android device because you can run the client in background and utilize in foreground all your preferred remote desktop app but the beauty is that you can use your preferred hardware controller attached to your android device and not to Windows. (for nomal games and multitouch games) Is implied that you are running the DroidMote Server for Windows on your Pc.